I have a 7/8 month old female cat to go to a good home, she is calico in colour and is an outdoor/indoor cat when we got her she was a outdoor cat but we made her into a indoor kitty then she got out but she kept coming back which is good, we no longer have the room for her as we have 4 cats..... looking to bring it down to 2. She is litter trained as well and eats solid food. Very cudly, will lay on you for hours and she's great with babies/todlers! Also I have a male kitten not even 5 months old yet litter trained and eating solid food. We found him and his sister at a condemned home and it was so cold they could hardly walk so we rescued them and brought them home. Were keeping the female one because my neice fell in love with her. I'm moving and only bringing my year old male cat with me and my sister I law who I used to live with would only like to keep the little female kitten, thats why were looking to get these two new homes before Christmas, would be a great present for a good little girl or boy, helps them with being responsable which is a great skill for the future!!! Hope to hear from you soon!! They are located in doaktown but I could bring them to Fredericton if the need be!