Breed: Domestic Short Hair-white

Age: Senior

Sex: M

Size: M
Seeking employment as live-in caregiver....
My name is Tommy. I had a wonderful reference... but.. well, just keep reading my story and you'll understand.
I know what you're thinking... don't most cats like to have someone wait on them .. well.. I guess I'm special! I was employed by an older woman who needed help to ensure that she cared for herself. I took my job seriously because it was a very important job... . I reminded my lady when we should eat and when she fed me in my white ceramic dish, she took the time to prepare something for herself and took her medicine. When she was tired, I lay with her to calm her so that she was able to rest... we were soulmates.
One day they came and took her away.. when the people returned they didn't want me working there anymore so I was put out. People don't care that the cats outside are territorial.. and everyone knows that neutered males don't feel like fighting anymore. I wish someone had told that to the big cat who kept beating me up though!
Apparently cat rescue maritimes fixed alot of cats where I came from .. the trapper thought I was part of that group so I was neutered too. Now that the terrible wounds from the last fight have almost disappeared, ca-r-ma does not want to put me back there so they wanted to find me a new job which made me kinda sad at first because I thought my lady would still need me.
However, I was recently told that my sweet lady died. Wow, I've been waiting for her for 5 or 6 years now. So, here I am without a job so there is no reason for me to stay here... I'm so sad, it's been a long long time since I've purred. I loved being a care giver!
I need a quiet room where I can look out at the world to feel safe again... maybe even find someone who needs my help, I'd love to use my caregiver skills again and I'm flexible.. I am open to discussing my responsibilities .. so, please if you know of someone who needs a helping hand, let them know how wonderful I am!

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Contact: CA-R-MA, Fredericton Chapter | Fredericton, NB